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SV Life Sciences Managers manages life sciences investments as the AIFM for International Biotechnology Trust plc ( The investment team have a breadth of experience across both public and private investing. The majority of investments made are in the public markets, though private or venture capital investments are also made through a relationship with SV Life Sciences Advisers LLP ( which provides unique deal flow for private company investment opportunities. Together, Janson, Bingham and Craig sit on sit on an investment committee to decide which investments to make for IBT in both public and private companies.

We are delighted to inform you that International Biotechnology Trust has today announced two proposals which we believe will be attractive to shareholders and potential new investors. These include the introduction of dividend payments from capital returns and amendments to the Company’s investment policy to allow it to invest in unquoted funds. Both proposals will be subject to shareholder approval at a general meeting to be held on 29 September 2016. Please see the RNS and Shareholder Circular for further information.


It is our view that investors will find a dividend attractive in the current environment of generally low and contracting income, both in the equity and the debt markets. With prospects for continued high growth in the biotechnology sector for the foreseeable future we believe that meeting the increasing demand for yield will add to the attractiveness of International Biotechnology Trust as an investment vehicle.


A minor part of the portfolio of International Biotechnology Trust is invested in unquoted companies. In a competitive environment we see the new opportunity offered to invest in an unquoted venture fund specialising in unquoted investments as a way of securing continued access to a broad range of investments with the potential for high return.


If you have any questions please contact the SVLS Team





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