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The Investment Management Team

The investment management team has a breadth of experience and knowledge across both public and private investments in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors.

The majority of the Trust's investments made are in public markets and are managed by Ailsa Craig and Marek Poszepczynski. Private or venture capital investments are made via a venture fund, currently SV Fund VI, under the guidance of the SV core Biotech team co-led by Kate Bingham and Houman Ashrafian.

Board of Directors

The Board determines and monitors the Trust's investment objective and policy, and considers its future strategic direction: being collectively responsible for the long-term success of the Trust.

They meet formally five times a year, but also meet informally on other occasions, as required. As is appropriate, they have delegated various functions to other parties, the performance of which are regularly reviewed.

The Alternative Investment Fund Manager

SV Health Managers is a specialist healthcare fund manager investing across multiple stages and sectors. SV manages healthcare private equity and venture funds as well as, in the public equities space, International Biotechnology Trust. International Biotechnology Trust benefits from an investment in one of SV’s venture funds, as well as being able to draw on the extensive expertise of SV’s specialist investment team across all four of its focus areas. These focus areas are Biotechnology, Dementia, Healthcare Growth and Medtech.

Key Facts

International Biotechnology Trust Details

  • Inception Date

    6th May 1994

  • Year End

    31st August

  • Results Announced

    Late October / Early November

  • Next AGM


  • Management Fee

    0.9% NAV

  • Performance Fee

    10% of quoted portfolio NBI (£) outperformance plus a 0.5% hurdle

    20% of net gains made from unquoted investments

    See page 26 of the Annual Report

  • Continuation vote

    At AGM in 2023; every two years

  • Dividend

    4% of NAV p.a. bi-annually - please see dividend policy for more details

  • Dividend Payment Dates

    January and August each year

  • Ex Dividend Dates

    December and July each year

  • Next Ex Dividend Date

    July 2023

  • Listed

    London Stock Exchange

  • ISIN



    0455934 GB

  • Reuters


  • Bloomberg

    IBT LN

  • Issued Share Capital at 31 December 2022

    40,764,829 (excluding 618,988 shares in treasury)


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