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Jonathan Mott

Compliance Officer

Jonathan 2021 09 22 161816
Jonathan 2021 09 22 161816

Jonathan joined SV in 2021 as Compliance Officer in the UK bringing with him 17 years of compliance experience.

Prior to this role Jonathan was the Group Chief Compliance Officer at the A Mirabella, a regulatory hosting firm. He held this role from August 2014 until joining SV. Jonathan moved to ACA Mirabella from ACA’s compliance consulting practice where Jonathan provided regulatory advice to a range of firms in the asst management and securities sectors. Jonathan started his career at the UK’s financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, in 2003. During his time at the Financial Conduct Authority Jonathan held various roles including the supervision of high impact firms in the Banking and Insurance Sectors before concentrating on the supervision of firms within the asset management sector with responsibility for both wholesale and retail firms.

Jonathan has a a BSc in Sports Science and Management from the Nottingham Trent University


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