Investment Objective and Policy

The Company’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in biotechnology and other life sciences companies.


The Company will seek to achieve its objective by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies which may be quoted or unquoted and whose shares are considered to have good growth prospects, with experienced management and strong potential upside through the development and/or commercialisation of a product, device or enabling technology. Investments may also be made in related sectors such as medical devices and healthcare services. While the Company’s portfolio is held as one pool of assets, for operational purposes there is a quoted portfolio and an unquoted portfolio. The portfolio is diversified by geography, industry sub-sector and investment size with no single investment in a company normally accounting for more than 15% of the portfolio at the time of investment.


The portfolio is split between large, mid and small-capitalisation companies, primarily quoted on stock exchanges in North America, where the most established and commercial biotech and other life sciences companies and companies operating in related sectors are based, though investments will also be made in Europe, Asia and Australia. Investments may also be made into unquoted companies and into funds not quoted on a stock exchange, including venture capital funds.  This may include funds managed by the Investment Manager and/or members of its group.  The primary purpose of investment in unquoted funds will be to gain exposure to unquoted companies.


The Company may invest through equities, index-linked securities and debt securities, cash deposits, money market instruments and foreign currency exchange transactions.  Forward or derivative transactions are not used by the Company.


The Company may borrow from time to time to exploit specific investment opportunities, rather than to apply long-term structural gearing to the Company’s portfolio of investments.

The Company observes the following investment restrictions:


  • The Company will invest primarily in biotechnology and other life science companies that are either quoted or unquoted.
  • The Company will not invest more than 15% in aggregate, of the value of its gross assets in any one individual company at the time of acquisition.
  • The great majority of the Company’s assets will be invested in the quoted biotechnology sector with a global mandate across the entire spectrum of quoted companies. The weighting of investment in unquoted companies will vary according to the attractiveness of the opportunities identified.
  • Gearing is restricted to 30% of NAV.
  • The Company will not invest more than 15% in aggregate, of the value of its gross assets in other closed-ended investment companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange or any other stock exchanges.


No material change will be made to the investment objective or policy without the approval of shareholders by ordinary resolution.




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