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DNA Sequencing

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Looking for the green shoots of recovery – the return of shareholder activism How is AI transforming the biotechnology industry? Is the looming ‘patent cliff’ more of a slope? After six M&A deals for IBT in 2022, will 2023 be another bumper year for biotech M&A? Biotech dealflow to heat up after turbulent 2022 Getting better at treating Alzheimer’s disease Biotech and the impact of currency fluctuations A review of IBT’s financial year Biotech innovation continues apace despite market volatility How to identify biotech diamonds in the rough Six active approaches for a biotech boost Biotech innovation will triumph over inflation Global approach key to tapping biotech growth Active vs passive investment amid a swinging biotech sector Biotech – not a cyclical sector, but a cyclical investment environment 2021 - a year of two halves, optimistic for a recovery in 2022 Conditional drug approvals set to expand biotech universe Further cancer breakthroughs hinge on biotech investment M&A myth masks reality of biotech innovation Pandemic provides launchpad for multi-year biotech boom Biotech advances crucial in addressing ageing world Gene editing breakthrough to power next biotech boom Forget FAANGs – look to the US for the world’s best biotech Innovation is the key not the culprit – IP waiving is counterproductive Navigating the three-phase trial process of biotech companies Meme, theme and the ARK Innovation momentum machine What are rare diseases, and why are drug sales predicted to grow? Themes for 2021 Vaccine arrives - at warp speed How the Trust responds to macro-economic factors such as the U.S. election, Covid-19 and more Acquisition premiums fuel interest in innovative biotech sector Innovation continues to be a driver of performance within the biotech sector COVID-19 vaccine, U.S. Presidential election and more Trust’s NAV exceeds GBP 300 million May ends with NAV at an all time high Biotech’s long-term outlook remains strong amid COVID-19 volatility Biopharma outperforms as it exhibits its defensive characteristics and plan of action against COVID-19 How International Biotechnology Trust has responded to COVID-19 The world wakes up to the reality of a pandemic Fears rise that COVID-19 infection may escalate into a pandemic 2020 kicks off with the 38th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco Drug approvals and M&A drive strong month for biotech Biotech sector ready for break-out after four years of consolidation Rising earnings to pave the way for long-term outperformance Investors Chronicle includes Trust in top 100 funds In a world of trade wars and Brexit, the demand for healthcare remains intact


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