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WINNER - Citywire Best Specialist Equities 2017

14th November 2017


International Biotechnology Trust (IBT) triumphed in an eclectic category at the Citywire Investment Trust Awards, seeing off competition from property, technology and environmental funds to be crowned best Specialist Equities trust.


Our awards analysed trusts’ three-year risk-adjusted performance, and on that measure, IBT has performed impressively.


But that performance has been amplified for shareholders thanks to a steady rerating of the shares since the announcement last year that it would pay a 4% dividend.


Having traded at a discount of more than 20% three years ago, the shares have this month establish a small premium to net asset value.


In this short video, manager Ailsa Craig reflects on a strong year for the trust and discusses a possible catalyst for the next leg of the biotechnology sector’s rally.



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2 top-performing investment trusts for growth and income

30th September 2017


For investors looking for growth and income from smaller companies, I reckon the Acorn Income Fund (LSE: AIF) deserves a closer look. The fund is a standout performer in the UK small-cap space, boasting some of the best figures across the board.


An investor who had bought shares in the investment trust five years ago would have earned a total return of 176%, a significantly better performance than the FTSE SmallCap (excluding investment companies) benchmark’s total return of 112%.


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Dividends and biotech: a blockbuster combination?

14th August 2017


Anyone in doubt about the revitalising effect dividends can have on an investment trust’s share price need only look at International Biotechnology Trust (IBT).


Managers of the £223 million closed-end fund hope it may soon be able to issue shares for the first time in over a decade. That’s because of the apparently enthusiastic response to its proposal last September to start paying shareholders a 4% dividend from capital.


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Trust in a third way for returns on biotech | The Times

23rd May 2017

Biotechnology companies tend to come in two types: those like Glaxosmithkline and Astrazeneca that offer investors a good and reliable income, and those that pay no dividends but are attractive prospects for that blockbuster drug that might, or might not, get through the regulatory process.

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