Science background with molecule or atom Abstract structure for Science or medical background
Science background with molecule or atom Abstract structure for Science or medical background


Science background with molecule or atom Abstract structure for Science or medical background
Science background with molecule or atom Abstract structure for Science or medical background
Is the looming ‘patent cliff’ more of a slope? Int’l Biotech considers which of six beauties will be its next manager International Biotech continues to impress Numis adds Odyssean and AVI Japan to trust tips Portfolio Adviser Magazine March 2023: What lies ahead? Could 2023 be the year of biotech megadeals? Great result for International Biotech as Seagen gets bid Pfizer acquires Seagen for $43 billion Trusts being exposed to Darwinism is good for investors How to avoid the boom and bust of healthcare and biotech investing Biotech breakthroughs on the horizon in 2023 Paid For* Investing in biotech with investment trusts Ian Cowie: a year since the war, this is how my ‘forever fund’ has fared Int’l Biotechnology up for grabs after SV Health serves notice SV Health notifies International Biotechnology of termination in 2024 Investment manager of International Biotech trust gives termination notice Int’l Biotechnology lifted by ’material’ gain Surviving a year of the haves and have-nots Tide is turning for Alzheimer’s treatment – International Biotechnology Trust International Biotech shares rally on strong dealflow Ian Cowie: plenty of value in this recession-proof sector Biotech Trust managers: The tide is turning for Alzheimer’s treatment Optimism is still the best medicine for stock market sniffles Dame Kate Bingham on Healthcare VC, Biotech & Leading the UK's COVID-19 Vaccine Taskforce We’re confident healthcare stocks will recover, so investors should buy these funds International Biotech misses large-cap rally but gets ready for M&A deal flurry Biotech pessimism coming to an end Nine investors on what is spooking them this Halloween Ian Cowie: this trust duo fight against humanity’s unseen enemies Historic drug pricing reform will not hinder biotech innovation Biotech trust managers: Why UK innovation often moves to the US 11 investment trusts aiming to take advantage of stock market falls How to identify biotech diamonds in the rough The equity trusts with wide discounts that Numis is watching Citywire: Numis adds International Biotech as a core buy Six active approaches for a biotech boost Is it a good time to invest in pharmaceutical and biotech stocks? Our expanding waistbands may stop me having to tighten my belt A new era of high inflation and rising rates is hammering investors, but is it time to be greedy when others are fearful yet? Biotech shares are in the doldrums and that gives investors an opportunity Biotech innovation will triumph over inflation Six healthcare stocks to ride out a recession The sell-off in biotech has gone too far, here's how to take advantage Ian Cowie: an investment trust I intend to own forever Hunting for value around the world Access to global biotech sector potential without a global investment portfolio Pfizer splashes $11.6bn of vaccine cash on Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding IN BRIEF: International Biotechnology notes Pfizer buys investee IBT poised to capitalise on historic biotech retraction The inevitabilities: death and taxes How five fund managers are playing the healthcare sector David Stevenson: Biotech now too cheap but difficult to play Am I crackers for investing £600k into risky stocks for fun? Paid For* A true all rounder Biotech: Why low-cost trackers could be a false economy 13 Questions for IBT's Ailsa Craig Biotech Innovation at greatest discount in decades IBT spies the bottom for beaten-up biotech Biotech innovation is at its greatest discount in decades Valentine’s Day: The stocks and companies that have stolen City fund managers’ hearts The most highly geared investment trusts How investor ‘tourism’ in biotech industry can both bruise it – and supercharge it Four managers on the stock that has recently won their heart Analysts back biotech & healthcare trusts as sector struggles Five trends powering the biotech rebound in 2022 Seize these investment trust bargains in 2022 Three biotech stocks to buy now Five investment reasons to be cheerful In Brief: International Biotechnology aims to invest in SV Health fund Conditional drug approvals set to expand biotech universe FTSE twitchy after Johnson brings back COVID restrictions Questor: biotech has been shunned this year despite the vaccines triumph – so buy these trusts Further cancer breakthroughs hinge on biotech investments I hate tobacco firms but funds love them. That's why I went it alone Pandemic provides launchpad for multi-year biotech boom Where are trusts getting their dividends? Bingham’s big Covid job barred IBT from vaccine gains Movers & Shakers in BioBusiness 2021 - Making Opportunities TRADING UPDATES: Higher annual payouts for Lok'nStore, K3 Capital Tough year for International Biotechnology but confidence remains Ian Cowie - this theme is a long-term winner Cash level rise even as inflation bites Kate Bingham: How I chose which therapies to invest in Investing in the next generation of healthcare opportunities Flexible work helped female fund managers but now faces its biggest test Covid-driven biotech and healthcare run set to continue for investors with high risk tolerance Beyond vaccines A high-growth sector that currently looks cheap International Biotech looks for M&A booster shot Paid For* A sensible source of alternative income Should I buy stocks during the coronavirus crisis? Beware the pitfalls for non-specialist investors in the #biotechnology space warns International Biotech Trust Ailsa Craig: “pharma used to have a worse reputation than tobacco” The post-pandemic healthcare investment themes Paid For* Is biotechnology M&A the big opportunity post-vaccine? Three winners of the long-term biotech boom Big Pharma, Big Returns? Healthcare is the new growth story of our age Paid For* Solen feyissa X Bt 9 AM0 D00 unsplash
A clear focus on returns
Investing in biotech: Where are we now and what is the outlook? Paid For* Human cell under microscope
US election calms biotech investor jitters
Its been a strong year for International Biotechnology Trust Int’l Biotech switches small-caps for ‘undervalued’ growth Andrew schultz 55uy Wn VLFY unsplash
I hoped this wind-power giant would get cheaper, but then Boris made me buy it
Could this sector be poised for a breakout into the mainstream? Ian Cowie: I’ve discovered a trust for both income and growth Online marketing h Igeo Qj S i E unsplash
Biotech trusts bounce after Immunomedics doubles on Gilead bid
Paid For* Income, growth, diversification: A compelling combination Laboratory Test Tubes
Buying A Biotech Basket
Paid For* M&A and unlisted companies: Two powerful themes behind International Biotechnology Trust Paid For* media_petridish
Biotech: The high stakes investment theme where expertise is everything
International Biotechnology Trust is up 73% in just four months Kepler's Heathcoat Amory: The next secular growth story Bacteria Germ infection and bacterial disease epidemic
Why the giddy momentum behind healthcare may be justified
Jinyun x Buu23uxar U unsplash
Moment of truth for investment trusts
International Biotechnology Trust’s Ailsa Craig: Covid-19 and investing in property Paid For* How to invest in a pandemic Two new directors for IBT Damir spanic vwa Tt Ih Cj Vg unsplash
Investment Trusts That Bucked the Market Trend
Volodymyr hryshchenko e8 Y Fkj N2 Cz Y unsplash
Healthcare fund managers caution against getting caught up in Covid-19 vaccine hype
Ryoji iwata I Ba Vu Zs JJ To unsplash
In search of healthy returns?
The Ian Cowie portfolio: a healthy return on this investment How healthcare and biotech investment trusts can revive portfolios Paid For* Chuttersnap Umnc Jq4 K Pc A unsplash 1
Harness the power of biotech for income and growth in uncertain times
International Biotechnology looking to the long term rather than corona cures
Cautious International Biotech snaps up Covid-19 bargains National cancer institute L7en7 Lb Ovc unsplash
International Biotechnology Trust says sector’s long-term fundamentals remain undiminished
Drug companies won’t make any money from a coronavirus cure, warns biotech manager The funds backing the biotech giant lifting virus drug hopes What impact will Covid-19 have on the biotech sector? What impact will Covid-19 have on the biotech sector? Paid For* Thisisengineering raeng bcq Dxjdd P Gk unsplash
Choosing biotechnology stocks like a professional
Cdc z F Rh U7jqzc unsplash
The race for a vaccine: The investment trust managers combating coronavirus
Paid For* Thisisengineering raeng ga YC1 U0 L5p Y unsplash
The trends powering biotech for decades to come
Paid For* media_pipette
Investors put biotech under the microscope as coronavirus bites
Are you brave enough to buy these three bargain investment trusts? media_scientist
Rare opportunity to buy a quality biotech trust for a big discount
Paid For* media_petridish
Is now the time to buy biotech shares?
Buy, Hold or Sell: International Biotechnology Trust Thisisengineering raeng bcq Dxjdd P Gk unsplash
International Biotechnology Trust provides a healthy yield
INVESTING SHOW: How biotech investors can profit from an ageing population and the future of medicine Cdc z F Rh U7jqzc unsplash
Private stocks deliver shot in the arm for International Biotechnology
Unquoteds outperform for International Biotechnology Trust 3 Biotech Stock Picks Paid For* media_cell
Reducing risk through expertise, diversification and a proven investment strategy
International Biotechnology: The trust led by a doctor with a prescription for healthy profit media_pipette
International Biotechnology Trust review
International Biotechnology benefits from narrowing discount

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